An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Privacy And Security


The planet’s biggest social networking site, Facebook has billions of users worldwide but half of its users, or should we  say more than half of its users are not aware about the privacy and security settings of their account. These settings enable the users  to keep their information safe and share only amongst the users/friends […]

Facebook News feed To Emphasize On Fresher Content


Facebook news feed will now display relevant and real-time stories on the top than other stories. Yesterday Facebook announced another change in their news feed algorithm.  In this new change Facebook emphasizes to show the relevant and fresh content to the users. According to a blog post written on FB newsroom, Facebook news feed now […]

Facebook Image Dimensions And Size – Facebook Cheat Sheet


Updated 17 -08-2014 Many times you need to know the dimensions and size of photos used on giant Social Networking site Facebook for maximum branding exposure and marketing through images in a pro way. Suppose, if you know the dimension and size of Facebook Business Page Cover Photo then you can optimize and design in […]

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Spam Applications


Article Updated : 19 October 2014 What are Facebook Spam Applications? A Spam Or Rogue application is a Facebook application which is developed by someone (Spammers) with false or fake intention. The main goal of such application is to grab user’s personal and account data.  The user data stolen by spammers is use to spread spam, scam, […]

How To Set Your Trusted Contacts On Facebook?


Recently Facebook introduced Trusted Contacts feature to give an extra level security to your Facebook Account. Whether  you’ve forgotten your password or your Facebook Account “Hacked”, you can set the help of your three to five Facebook Friends whom you trust to regain access. What are Facebook Trusted Contacts? Trusted contacts are the users you can reach […]

4 New Awesome Facebook Features, Every User Should Know!


Hi all, we are here to keep you updated about the latest features and changes on Facebook. Your support motivated us to post on some excellent and user-friendly features like Facebook Authorship and Facebook Audience Insights. It is true that it is not easy to keep track with all the new and useful changes taking […]

How To Make Effective Use Of Facebook Audience Insights

audience insights

Are you a marketer or an entrepreneur looking for an effective tool to help you target your Facebook adverts in an effective manner? Are you interested in understanding about the people to whom your advertisements reach, before you actually spend your hard-earned money on them? Do you agree that even the most effective marketing will fail unless […]

Brands on Facebook – What Are They Missing Out?

brands on facebook

As the proud owner of a brand, you might be well-aware of the power of Facebook for business and brand promotion. But, have you ever wondered why some brands on Facebook are thriving, but why your brand is not able to effectively use this social media site for brand promotion? When it comes to marketing […]

Introducing Facebook New Graph API Explorer Features

If you are an ardent follower of Facebook like me, you might be aware of the new graph API introduced by Facebook on the month of July. If you are not aware, this is for your information that they made their exciting announcement about the New graph API version v2.4 on the 8th of July […]

Explore Different Methods To Find Facebook Profile User ID

facebook profile id

As I know, you might also be aware of the fact that Facebook finally implemented friendly usernames, such that it will be easier for our friends to find us on this huge social networking site. But, applications are still based on the Facebook User ID’s.  If you are looking for some methods to find your […]