10 Lesser Known Amazing Facebook Features

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According to Latest Facebook statistical data i.e. at end of December 2011,Facebook is holding more than 845 million active users around the globe. It’s obviously more than a country and number of Facebook users also increasing to great extent day by day. All users are not aware with the site Facebook amazing features. And I bet you, the Facebook’s feature i’m sharing today are unknown to you. So,these are the great amazing lesser known Facebook features.
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#1 Editing Of Link Title And Description When Sharing
If you wants to share a link on your Facebook timeline profile but don’t like its title and description that is fetched by Facebook, not to worry you can change it according to your preferences before sharing it,just hover the mouse above title or description and click on it.Now,you will shown a text box enter in it to change it.
#2 Official Friendship Page
Friendship page will let know the things happened with you and your particular Facebook friend such as the time since you both are friends,status comments,photo tagged of both of you,mutual likes,mutual friends,events you both joined etc.
To check the same go to http://www.facebook.com/?and=>
Replace <Your Facebook username/profile ID> and > with the respective usernames or Profile ID.
For e.g.https://www.facebook.com/gvndchoudhary?and=internationalvillageranu
Here my Facebook username is – gvndchoudhary and ma friend’s is internationalvillageranu
Update:Now you can directly check the friendship without doing these boring stuff.To check friendship with any of your friend,go to his profile and hit the gear box drop down menu 219967728031249 2037024512 facebookfever 10 Lesser Known Amazing Facebook Features and hit See Friendship.
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#3 Facebook Impact
Facebook impact is the another great feature of Facebook page that shows how many Facebook user joined due to you.To check how many users joined Facebook due to you just go to http://www.facebook.com/impact
Bonus Tip: To see who joined Facebook due to you just go to See all invites and imported contacts and sort the users by Joined.
#4 Back up Your Facebook Data
Now,Facebook also have the backup option available through users can download their all Facebook information.The backup includes your photos,videos that you’ve shared on Facebook,Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations,your friends’ names and their email addresses.To back up your information just go to Account Settings and hit Download your copy of your Facebook data at bottom.
#5 Create Your Profile,Page,Photo,Like Badge
Facebook also lets you create many type of badges.Such as profile badge which include your personal information with your Facebook profile picture,your name,website,email,screen names,mobile number,Network and lots of things.In the same way pages badge that show information of a particular page including its fans,status and description etc.Like badge shows information related to your particular Facebook page and photo badge shows a particular photo of your.All of these can be embed on web pages and you can show on your blogs/websites too.
#6 Create Quick Groups To Chat
Few days back Facebook launched Quick Group Chat feature in which users don’t have to create group and then adding member/friends to it to chat.Now,user can anytime create a quick group and can add friends to chat specially needed when something to be discuss among friends in emergency.To do the same just click the gear 213893238652556 1593167935 facebookfever 10 Lesser Known Amazing Facebook Features button while chatting to one of your friend and hit Add Friends To Chat [Top Option],enter the names of friends to chat and hit Done!
#7 Video Calling
Many folks know this but some freaks don’t know this awesome feature of Facebook,so this is for them.Yeah,Facebook also have the feature of Video Calling to Facebook friends.You just have to go to Facebook Video and install the small plugin to enable the feature.After installed just click over call in the chat window to enjoy video calling.
#8 Sending Emails From Your Facebook Account
Now,you can send emails right from your Facebook messages instead of going to email services and login there right from your Facebook messages,even you can also attach files and photos to emails to be sent.To send emails from your Facebook account just type the email address you wants to send in To section of your Facebook message.
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#9 Share Your Location with Every Update
The location tab in your sharing tools enable you to share your current location with your status,photos to show your friends you were at this place at this time.Now,how is this feature is very beneficial suppose you tag a place that you are at present here,your nearby friends can also join you by seeing this location,your friends come to know your favorite places,they even can give you some tips etc.You can even tag any place,restaurant,bar etc.To share location just hit 233964869958742 986430668 facebookfever 10 Lesser Known Amazing Facebook Features icon in your sharing tools and enter the place name.
Bonus Tip: Even you can also share that you are with these friends at this place in your photos,status .To do the same just hit 233964869958742 1929238686 facebookfever 10 Lesser Known Amazing Facebook Features icon in your sharing tool and enter friends name to tag them in that particular post.
#10 Schedule Your Current Posts to Past
Do you wants to change the schedule of your status,photos,videos to past date?Yeah,you can do that just hit 331944693487215 406596473 facebookfever 10 Lesser Known Amazing Facebook Featuresicon and change date to past dates in sharing tools while sharing any story.You can also change date of a particular previous stories shared on your timeline,just hit the pencil button on the right of stories and hit change date to show it in past dates in your timeline.
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