How To Create & Promte Facebook Event – Ultimate Guide


The father of all social networking websites, Facebook is always buzzing about one thing or the other. No matter what, people somehow find a way or an excuse to spend hours surfing on Facebook. There are lots of interesting elements that Facebook offers, hence keeping users engulfed for a longer time period. For instance, there […]

How To Create Event Through Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook-events-facebookfever heard it right,now you can create event through your Facebook fan page too.Earlier an event can only be created through user’s profile. Now,it’s much easy to create event through your Brands/Business/Company Fan page and get awesome audience benefit. Create Event through Facebook Page Step 1: Just go to your Facebook Fan page from where […]

How Many Facebook User You Can Invite To An Event?


Do you use Facebook Event Feature for your Events? Have you noticed recently that Facebook is preventing you from inviting more users to your event? Yeah, it’s right! Facebook has recently updated its rule for inviting users to an event due to the vast complains of unwanted Facebook events request. So, let me explain this […]

Facebook Added ‘Expecting A Baby’ To Life Events

These days Facebook is rolling new features and updates very fast. Recently they have announced an update in the timeline life events. They just added “Expecting A Baby” as a life event in Family and  relationships section on timeline. The social site said in an announcement on their Facebook Newsroom page: Life Events are easy and […]