Facebook Promoting Games With Notifications [Update]

It seems that Facebook is trying to Promote the Games. Yeah, Facebook is promoting Games with notifications of friends playing a particular game. These notifications are different from the requests; that appear to come from Facebook,  not from the game. Even these notification have also included a “Play Now” button. This is the same button which is shown by Facebook  in the sidebar suggesting the Facebook Games to play With “Games You May like”  heading.

facebook logo4 300x300 facebookfever Facebook Promoting Games With Notifications [Update]

Though there is no Official source for this update but according to InsideFacebook.

Facebook confirms, “We are testing this feature as part of ongoing tests to help people discover and re-engage with apps and games and drive meaningful traffic to developers.”

Obviously, it will lead more users into their games in comparison to the Sidebar module because users get a notification at the top of all Facebook pages and they will surely try it.

This may frustrate some Facebook users, as the requests are not from the actual game and they might hide all the notifications from a particular game. However, the test is likely limited to small proportion of users and the giant social Network can gather information and consider the results before implementing the feature more widely.

So, what do you think about this Facebook Games Coming Update?

Will you try the games from Notifications requests?

Share with Us in the comments  facebookfever Facebook Promoting Games With Notifications [Update].

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  1. I think I will not try the games from notification requests, but I can try if I have time. This frustrates me for the requests are not from the actual game. I might hide all the notifications.