How To Chat On Facebook From Mobile [Full Guide]

Hey folks,As we all know Facebook is growing day by day and also becoming a part of our day to day life,now we can’t sit in front of PC or laptop in whole day to chat with out Facebook friends.Isn’t good that we can chat by our facebook friends right from our mobile anywhere anytime without any trouble.So,today am going to share with  a full guide on How to Chat On Facebook by mobile.

Today’s there are tones types of mobiles in today’s market.Some of them already comes with some chating applications installed for chat and some don’t.So,today am with an useful application that you can install on your mobile and start chat with Facebook freaks. To chat on Facebook with Mobile,mostly Ebuddy is used world wide.

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How To Chat On Facebook By Mobile

Ebuddy – the most popular app for nearly all type of mobiles with lots of extra features.It also supports  Yahoo
, MSN, AIM, Gtalk, ICQ with Facebook to chat online by mobile.First let me tell you some features of this amazing java application.

Features Of Ebuddy:

  1. Allow to chat on multi Social Networking site at a time,mentioned above.
  2. Enable to Group chat among online users. 
  3. Also having a option of editing quick notes-that users use many times during a chat.By adding new notes,user just have to choose note and select,no need to type again and again.
  4. Enable to send emotions.
  5. Online users arranged according to list made in Social Networking sites.
  6. Also have a option of Blocking an user online during chat. 
  7. Also have a option of showing Custom message to online users. 
  8. A user can also add new contacts from any giant social network site.  
  9. Supports nearly all types of mobile phones today incuding Iphone,Android devices.To see full list go here
Downloading Instructions 
  1. Firstly,you need an Internet Connectivity OR GPRS enabled mobile device.
  2. An User have to first sign up for Ebuddy to access the application from mobile.For this you can sign up now from PC via this link OR can signup during installing of ebuddy on your mobile. 
  3. Now,you have to download this application in your mobile for this just go to from your mobile browser.And have to download Ebuddy – a very small file(5kb) and install it in your mobile.
  4. Now,make sure its properly installed and open it from the ebuddy icon showing there.Just follow the instruction its asking first create new connection,choosing language and login with the ebuddy id that you previously ragistered OR if not just create it by giving your details and login with the same.After login add your Social sites accounts such as facebook,google talk,MSN etc. by giving your credentials.
  5. Now,you will be shown your online friends in different lists,start chating by choosing the user and hit CHAT.And play with other options showing in left button. :)

If you any doubts in setting up the ebuddy on your mobile just go to Ebuddy Tutorial and see the Step by step animation showing there to get an idea and proceed. 

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  1. Peter Lee says:

    Never tried Ebuddy but would check it out. Nice post Govind!

  2. Welcome bro..On FacebookFever..Thanks for your lovely words :)

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