How To Hide Facebook Groups From Your Timeline


This post will guide you how to hide Facebook groups section from your Facebook public timeline. Facebook Groups are an amazing way to have topic based discussion with like-minded people. Not only you can have a discussion with the group members but can also share files, photos etc. Facebook Groups are of three types based […]

What are the Privacy Options For Facebook Groups?


Facebook Groups are amazing way to have topic-based discussion with like-minded people in an organized way. Not only you can have a discussion with the group members but can also share files, photos, message other group members etc. Facebook provides three types of Privacy Settings for Groups that can be selected by the Group Admin […]

Why You Should Not Install Facebook Entertaining Apps?

Facebook Entertaining Apps

Like everything else in the life, be it death or falling in love, spam is inevitable. From spam emails to spam messages, from spam comments on your Facebook wall to spam posts about hacking your Facebook account, spam is pretty real and undeniable part of our online life. We normally have quite a lot of […]

Facebook ‘Safety Check’ Feature Connects Users After Disaster

Facebook Safety Check Feature

Facebook introduced ‘Safety Check’ feature that connects users with their loved ones and families after any natural disaster in the area. Status, location, mood, almost everything has been shared on Facebook since its launch a few years back. However, it is in the time of disaster that the people actually need to communicate with their […]

Facebook Stickers Now Available In Comments Across Platform

Facebook stickers in comments

Facebook’s stickers, which were introduced to Facebook Messenger in 2013, are now available in comments on posts, group posts, and event. It has been officially declared and affirmed that the comments on Facebook will be seen with the featured stickers henceforth. Software engineer Bob Baldwin has adjoined a post on Facebook that announces the addition […]