Explore Different Methods To Find Facebook Profile User ID

As I know, you might also be aware of the fact that Facebook finally implemented friendly usernames, such that it will be easier for our friends to find us on this huge social networking site. But, applications are still based on the Facebook User ID’s.  If you are looking for some methods to find your […]

Facebook Authorship – A Boon For Bloggers

Are you one among those writing enthusiasts, who are highly concerned about the shutting down of Google Authorship feature? You now have the chance to continue your interest towards writing from WordPress to Facebook with the help of the new feature called as ‘Facebook Authorship‘. Interesting, isn’t? Read on to learn more: What is this feature […]

Quench Your Shopping Thirst With Facebook Buy Button Soon

If you are one among many such online shopping buffs, who love Facebook a lot, here is a great news to your surprise. Yes, your favorite social networking site is now planning to add Facebook buy button, such that you can directly shop from your Facebook account. So, you need not have to stop chatting […]

The Many Faces Of Facebook CEO

The monarchs of today’s world are not kings and queens but the founders and leaders of big corporations. These are the movers and the shakers of today’s technology driven world and they are the ones who take decisions that have a global impact. Though there are hundreds of them out there who have managed to […]

Facebook To Integrate ‘Send On Whatsapp’ Button On Its Android App Posts

If like most of us, you have been questioning Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, and it’s motive behind pushing an extra messenger rigorously. You finally might be able to breathe a sigh. Not a big gasp of relief, but a sigh, nonetheless. Almost a year after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, there finally seems to be a move […]