[How To] Install Facebook Home On Your Unsupported Android Device


Facebook Home is available on Google Play Store for selected Android devices.But the good news is that now it can run on all unsupported Android device running on Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich (i.e. Android Version 4.0 or higher) whether you’re having the unsupported android device For Facebook Home or in the unsupported country/region,you […]

How To Get More Shares On Facebook?


Getting more Facebook shares on your Facebook Fan page posts is a little bit tricky these days as Facebook keeps changing complex algorithms. However, you should keep trying new methods to attract/engage audience on your Facebook page to get more shares. Obviously, a Facebook ‘share’ has more weight in the news feed than comment and […]

Facebook News feed Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know


Article Updated : 15 November 2014 However,the Social Networking site don’t have much keyboard shortcuts and most of them are Browser specific but if you spend a lot of time reading your news feed, then Facebook News feed keyboard Shortcuts are worth to know! We the (FacebookFever Team) has already shared the list of all […]

Facebook Is Going To Charge For Sending Message To Strangers


Yeah, you heard it right! You have to pay some bucks to send a regular message to stranger. However, you can send the message without spending money but that will be dropped in the user’s Other Inbox which is also known as SPAM inbox. Mostly users even don’t know about Facebook’s second inbox ;) I […]

How Many Facebook User You Can Invite To An Event?


Do you use Facebook Event Feature for your Events? Have you noticed recently that Facebook is preventing you from inviting more users to your event? Yeah, it’s right! Facebook has recently updated its rule for inviting users to an event due to the vast complains of unwanted Facebook events request. So, let me explain this […]