How To: Organize Your Facebook Friends [Ultimate Guide]


Facebook newsfeed is a great way to keep tracks of your friends,and pages but it becomes quit chaos when your friends circle expands.As your newsfeed will be full with your new friend’s activities and updates.In that case,you might lose your best buddies and your favorite pages updates.So,today I am going to share many ways to […]

Facebook For Android Version 1.9.7 Is Out,Download Now


Facebook today updated its native App for Android Devices.Facebook app for Android  version 1.9.7 is updated with awesome features like capturing photos with the front facing camera and much more.You can download Facebook app for Android devices from Google Play Store.Lets check improvements made in this update. Features Of Facebook App For Android Version 1.9.7 […]

What is Facebook Voice And How To Use It?

Recently Facebook added ‘Voice’ tab,visible when you go to your any Facebook Page.Now,you will say What is this ‘Facebook Voice’ now #LOL.Okay,let me tell Facebook ‘Voice’ is nothing a big feature(As you thinking)its just an another tab shown on your Facebook page at right side,just between your profile name and Home link(When you use Facebook […]

Publish Your Facebook Page With New Pages Layout Just Now [Update]

After recent change in layout of the Facebook Group that is the Admins of facebook group can update unique cover photos for Facebook Groups like the Facebook profile timeline cover.And can benefit from the facebook group banner by promoting product and services.Today i was just checking my this new blog Facebook page,then i come to […]

Latest Facebook Spam -Oops!!! There was a hidden camera in Justin bieber’s bedroom[Video]

Spammers are around the facebook and this time they targeted singer Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in spreading spams on the giant social networking site – Facebook with claims that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been completely shot at camcorder, in Justin Bieber’s bed.The spam link look like video[Removed the thumbnail],that is being posted […]

How To Hide Facebook Sponsored Page Posts In Newsfeed


Are you annoyed with the Facebook Sponsored Page Posts? Are you getting too many Sponsored Posts?  Here’s how you can hide Facebook Sponsored Page Posts from your news feed! Facebook sponsored or suggested page posts are a type of ad to increase Fan Page likes and interaction. Admins/ Users have to pay to sponsor these […]

Facebook Hacked, No User Data Compromised : Says Facebook


Facebook is used worldwide by more than one billion users and loved by them at the level that Facebook has become the Facebook Fever now. But Facebook is also loved by the hackers for the obvious reasons such as to access the Facebook Data, User Data and Facebook infrastructure. According to Facebook Security, in the last month […]