How To: Remove Adware on Facebook News Feed and Timeline


When you open your Facebook account as usual and suddenly you come across big banners of ads in your news feed or timeline, how do you feel? Isn’t that scary? This guide will tell you how to remove third party Adware on Facebook and the difference between the third party Adware and Facebook ads. The ads which […]

Remove Your Facebook Graph Searches From Activity Log Before It Goes Public


I think you all are well aware with the Facebook Graph search. Yeah, the search box saying “Search for people, places and things” at the top of every Facebook page. Actually you can search everything from there. It’s very interesting to see how people use it and it shows the results of any query. Read […]

How To Create Facebook Shared Album?


Recently Facebook introduced Shared album that allows your friends to contribute to your album. You can add up to 50 contributors to your shared album, this is not available for the pages as of now. But the guys at Facebook are working on it to  make available this feature for pages and adding more functionality […]

How To Set Your Trusted Contacts On Facebook?


Recently Facebook introduced Trusted Contacts feature to give an extra level security to your Facebook Account. Whether  you’ve forgotten your password or your Facebook Account “Hacked”, you can set the help of your three to five Facebook Friends whom you trust to regain access. What are Facebook Trusted Contacts? Trusted contacts are the users you can reach […]

Alarming Facebook Misuse Stats [Infographic]


“Facebook – The Nightmare has come true” It has not taken long for Facebook to make space for itself in the social media market. Platforms have come and gone before and after Facebook but none of them has been able to gain the same popularity. Be it employees who think of Facebook as their redemption […]

How To: Organize Your Facebook Friends [Ultimate Guide]


Facebook newsfeed is a great way to keep tracks of your friends,and pages but it becomes quit chaos when your friends circle expands.As your newsfeed will be full with your new friend’s activities and updates.In that case,you might lose your best buddies and your favorite pages updates.So,today I am going to share many ways to […]

How To Remove Your Name From Facebook Sidebar Social Ads

In this World of Social Media Privacy is very important to keep your information safe and to be in the limit of your selected friends circle. And when comes to the Social media Facebook is the largest social site which holding more than 950 million users. We all use Facebook to share our best moments, […]