Remove Your Facebook Graph Searches From Activity Log Before It Goes Public

I think you all are well aware with the Facebook Graph search. Yeah, the search box saying “Search for people, places and things” at the top of every Facebook page. Actually you can search everything from there. It’s very interesting to see how people use it and it shows the results of any query. Read this article  to know how people use it in their daily life.

Now, when you search for any term in Facebook Graph search, it’s being recorded by FB in your Account Activity log. And the page which shows the recorded searches is deeply hidden in the activity log. Not many of the users know about it even they don’t have any idea if it exists. By default, these searches hidden from your timeline and their privacy is set to “Only Me” But Facebook may make them Public anytime for any reason.

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Now, what you have in hand is, you can remove your searches history by cleaning searched terms one by one from your Activity log. Here’s how you can do it.

Remove Your Facebook Graph Searches From Activity Log

Step 1: Log on to your Facebook Account and click this link : Activity Log.

Step 2: Now, here you find all your searches you performed till today. You can remove them individually by hitting the Stop/Block icon in front of every searched query and then click Remove.

Step 3: If you want to remove all your searches by one click then hit the link at the top saying “Clear Searches” or click on this link.

remove recorded graph searches facebookfever Remove Your Facebook Graph Searches From Activity Log Before It Goes Public

Remove Your Recorded Graph Searches From Activity Log

That’s it! You have removed all your Facebook Graph searches till today. May be the Facebook guys are coming with new concept to use your Graph searches, that’s why they are not making the users aware about it. But it’s your prime duty to make aware your Facebook friends about it by sharing this article with them.

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