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Quickly Upload Photos To Facebook By Pasting The Image URL


Advertisement Many times we download photos from the web only to re-upload to Facebook.We see many memes in our fb newsfeed and wants to share it among our friends circle without directly sharing it from the profile/page.There is no option left except downloading it first and then to upload to Facebook.Isn’t this process complicated and […]

What is Facebook Voice And How To Use It?

Advertisement Recently Facebook added ‘Voice’ tab,visible when you go to your any Facebook Page.Now,you will say What is this ‘Facebook Voice’ now #LOL.Okay,let me tell Facebook ‘Voice’ is nothing a big feature(As you thinking)its just an another tab shown on your Facebook page at right side,just between your profile name and Home link(When you use […]

Friendshake-Facebook’s New Mobile Feature For Finding People Nearby

Facebook rolled out a new feature that enables you to find your nearby friends,current known as “FriendShake” and can be accessed through this short URL ( that is the abbreviation of Find Friends Nearby (FFN).Its facebook another step in expanding facebook on mobile with new services to meet new people. The feature follows a little […]