Change Your Facebook Page Name Officially

Update  5 January 2013: Now,Facebook don’t allow to change your Facebook page name.However,If your page have fewer than 200 likes you can change it easily just by going to Edit Page>Update Info But you can’t change the page name with 200 or more likes.

Although,If you accidentally selected a wrong or misspelled username for your Facebook page .You can change it by going to Edit Page>Update Info>Change Username>Check for your new user name availability and hit save! But note that you can change it only for once.

Do you typed your Facebook page name incorrectly/Misspelled ?Do you wants to change your Facebook page name without losing your current fans due to any reason such as your business name has been changed and you can’t make a new page because the existing fans will be lost,you may have any awesome idea about your Facebook page name or any reason to change the name of page.So,Facebook come with a way to solve this problem and you can easily change your Facebook page name by just filling their official form.Today,i will tell you How to Change your Facebook Page Name officially .

How To Change Your Facebook Page Name Officially?

To change your Facebook page name,you just have to go to this Facebook Official form and enter your Facebook page info there and hit send button.

1. At current time,you can only change your Facebook page name Not its Vanity URL/Username.The form looks like below.

2. If you select My business name has changed then you have to submit your new business name as well as its address.For ex.Any Bill.
3. If you select My Page name is misspelled,your request will be completed by them as soon as possible.So,better to select “My Page name is misspelled” in the last option saying “Why do you want to change you page name” to change your Facebook page name without any risk.

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After submitting the details of your Facebook page for changing its name,you will be shortly contacted by them.And Please note these changes may take up to 3 days to process.That’s all to change your existing Facebook page name without loosing you current Fans.  

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