After WhatsApp, Facebook to roll out dark mode soon for Android users.


WhatsApp has recently rolled out the dark mode for their users, and Facebook is set to be out on the same path. A new report has said that Facebook is set to rule out the new dark mode for its Android users, and we cannot keep calm about this.

We all know that browsing in the gashing light causes a lot of strain to your eyes and the particular reason why the dark mode can be a perfect saviour for us. The social media giant has ruled out an update, and developers are testing the dark method currently on Facebook so that it can be successfully launched and be live.

All the family brand of Facebook such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and others have ruled out the dark mode in support, and Facebook is only the one which is out of the group. For the recent timings, Facebook has already ruled out the dark way for some selective Android users. The Android police reports have said and proven that the dark mode is activated with them, which shows a dark grey when you are browsing through the notifications on your screen. For the other half, Facebook is still unstable in ruling out the dark mode in terms of the original version of the app. The dark UI will be available for the Android app, and users have to wait quite some time.

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