Ultimate Guide To Secure Your Facebook Account [Must Read]

From last many days I am getting many emails, Facebook messages regarding the security of Facebook account and the issue, Facebook account hacked. I tried my best to get back their Facebook account, oh yeah I am not any hacker or something like that :P, I just want to try everything that’s it only. Today as Sunday, I mean college off! – I thought to share the tips to secure Facebook account. As we know the hackers are all around the Facebook And they only are in this wake that whose profile is not secure and they keep trying hacking your Account. So, today I am going to share The Ultimate Guide On Securing Your Facebook Account, so that no one can break this security wall to enter your Facebook home. If I get any update related to Securing Facebook account, I will update in this post only, rather than creating new posts. So bookmark it and now let me give it a start.


How To Secure Your Facebook Account: 

#1. Always Use Facebook In https modeThe first  and foremost thing you have to do is that turn on secure browsing in  your Facebook account by changing http mode to https mode. To enable secure browsing in your Facebook account just head to Account settings from drop down menu and then go to Security tab at left side and enable Secure Browsing from the top option.

#2. Use a Strong Password: We all know that we should use a strong password online in any service to stay safe, more the password is strong more it is secure but we do not use strong password because we are too lazy and long  password is also hard to remember also. We the humans generally awake by our first mistake only and by facing the consequences of our mistakes. So, to avoid any future harm always use mixture of characters, symbols, numbers and special symbols in your Facebook or any other online service password. Never use the same password for two or more online services. Avoid using of your personal info, dictionary words, repeated characters in your password.

#3. Enable Text & Email Notification: This is the second most important step to Secure Facebook. By enabling this option you will get notification when a new user logs in to your account from any PC OR mobile that haven’t used before through SMS on your registered mobile and email id, you have added to your Facebook account. That’s why Facebook confirms the device when you log in to your account and you can add that device/PC to authorized device by just saving it. So, always save your Home computer or your personal mob Not the PC in cafe because if someone try to hack your account then you will not notified about it. It’s the second option in the Security tab just after the Secure Browsing just enable both Text and Email.

#4. Remove Unwanted Application: The third most important step to remove unwanted applications from your Facebook profile. People are gone crazy behind these SPAM applications like Your Nick name, whom you married, when you will die :D, who views your profile blah blah. Let me tell you one thing, these applications are not authenticated by Facebook, if any application is  authenticated then Facebook officially launches that for users and these are spam applications that steals personal data from users profile and use them in many surveys etc. A hacker can easily hack your account by sending requests from these type of applications to use your personal info such as email id etc. and can hack your account. So, better to remove all unwanted applications by going to Account settings –>Apps tab in left sidebar and hit the ‘X’ button and confirm to remove. So, remove those that are of no use to you from there.
#5. Use Facebook Privacy: Many online spammers already targeted Facebook to harvest your personal information. So it is better to Read first Facebook Privacy Guidelines and according to your preferences adjust your privacy setting to protect from online theft and also secure your Facebook account. And before leaving privacy settings after changing your Facebook privacy don’t forget to check How your profile look to others to By checking in View Profile As and entering your any Facebook friend name to confirm you not omitted any mistake in setting privacy. In new Facebook timeline, you can get this by clicking the gear menu after Update Info in your profile. You can also like Facebook Privacy to get latest updates from them. Read Controlling information on New Facebook Timeline to get an idea to keep privacy on new timeline.

#6. Never And Ever Click On External link: Never click on the external link that is being sent to you by anyone may be the source reputable, especially that is sent in messages like recharge you mob free, attractive offers, and the links that requires you to provide immediately log in and password to continue even you are already logged in. Even nowadays many spams are there on Facebook that automatically send links in chat like: Hey now we can video chat or something like this, many during chatting. So never ever click on these type of  suspicious links from logged in your Facebook account.

#7.Think Before Adding Someone: Yeah, you should think before adding someone to your Facebook profile as friend, may be he/she wants your personal information, as your personal info is hidden your generally for public and only friends can see that. So after adding he/she can easily grab your info. So, make your privacy too stronger or never add any stranger or a person whose profile looking something odd and suspicious.

#8. Remove Spammy links from your profile ASAP: If any of your friends is a victim of  SPAM and is posting some spammy links on your profile actually he/she is not posting them manually on your or others’ profile, but it automatically gets posted as he/she is victimized by clicking on spam links. So now, what you can do is that remove that spam links from your profile As Soon As Possible to protect your profile and others too, because they may also click on that link.

#9. Be sure where you are giving your Passwords: Always make sure that you are logging in from a genuine Facebook site with the Facebook.com domain and also make sure URL starting from Https if you have enabled it. Because many phishers make site like Facebook to grab your login info. such as faecbook.com

#10. Never Show your Facebook Email ID On Your Profile: This is my personal view that you shouldn’t show your Facebook Email Id from that you use to log in. Because if that id gets hacked once your Facebook account can be easily hacked, or at least never change it to Public so that everyone can see it. And Any spammers can collect it and can use it for sending SPAM emails. So, it is better to hide your email id from Facebook account. If anyone wants to contact then, they can contact by Facebook messages OR you can show any other email id instead of your Facebook id to contact you.

#11. Forgot to Sign Out? : When you forget to sign out from a public computer or any device, just head to your Account Settings>>Security Tab>>Recognized Device>>Remove the particular device. Now, your account is automatically logged out.

#12. Keep Updated Your PC: Always keep updated your PC, device, Antivirus to latest updates. Keep updating your Browsers, drivers too. If you don’t want to keep Windows Update On, then manually update it once a week, As keeping it on reduces the bandwidth of internet and it keeps checking the update. 

#13. Never Share Your Security Questions: Last but not the least, never share your security question with others because Facebook allows only one time to update them and that is during sign up to Facebook. Security questions are needed when your account gets hacked to verify the ownership of the account. This tip is shared by one of our Reader, as you can see in comments. You also can suggest any tip that you know and which we may not have mentioned it in this post.

#14. Update your Security Information: You Should update your Facebook security information that is helpful in the case when you lose access to your account. So go to Update Security Information, Continue with your password and add two email and one mobile if you haven’t add it yet OR review the given info if it’s correct And check whether can you access the given email id there. If not update it with other email id.


Account hacked ! What To Do?

If you think your Facebook Account got hacked, immediately report it at Secure Facebook. Or can Direct Email At privacy@facebook.com.

So, these are my tips to Secure Facebook Account, you can also like Facebook Security Page to get latest news updates, features news from them directly to your newsfeed. Hope you like them and also secure your Facebook account by following them. If you have any query related to Facebook, you can ask us, anytime. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Us below to get our more tips related to Facebook directly in your Inbox 🙂

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