What is Facebook Voice And How To Use It?

Recently Facebook added ‘Voice’ tab,visible when you go to your any Facebook Page.Now,you will say What is this ‘Facebook Voice’ now #LOL.Okay,let me tell Facebook ‘Voice’ is nothing a big feature(As you thinking)its just an another tab shown on your Facebook page at right side,just between your profile name and Home link(When you use Facebook as yourself Not Any Page).This feature of Social Networking allow you to easily change your  ‘Page Posting Preferences’ i.e You can comment,like,post as your Facebook Page And as your Facebook profile(Admin Of the Page).It mean you can easily switch between your Page Posting Options.(Check the screenshot)

FireShot Screen Capture #042 - 'Facebook Fever' -
Previously (Before this Feature) We had to choose an options in Settings Page saying “Always comment and post blah blah ….But this update makes it too easy to switch between the Page Posting Preferences.No need to go settings every time,you wants to switch to other option.

FireShot Screen Capture #043 - 'Edit Profile' -

How To Use Facebook Voice?

To easy navigate between Facebook Page Posting options and to use FB Voice,just go to your Page (Using FB as yourself) .When you click ‘Voice’ tab,now you will be shown on your current Page Posting option and also enable to switch between your profile and page.

There are two options Whether you wants to Post,like,comment with your Facebook Profile (As you are Admin Of the page) OR wants to do the same with your Facebook Page only.Check the above scrrenshot,We have selected Our Facebook Page (Facebook Fever) as the current page posting option.To switch to other just hit the profile link.
Its better to use Facebook as Page when you are commenting on other pages,as it will expand your fans.

Bonus Tip: You can easily switch between your Facebook Pages and your fb profile by hitting the drop down menu just after “Home”.And can access Facebook as any of your page.To access with your profile again hit your profile link in the drop down menu.

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