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Welcome to the FacebookFever.com – Also known as “Unofficial Facebook Blog” maintained by the Facebook ninjas. Whether you are a beginner at Facebook or an advanced user, or professional marketer, or a user from iOS, Android FacebookFever.com is designed and dedicated to everybody covering diverse topics related to Facebook. FacebookFever.com covers the latest Facebook Updates, Spam updates, how-to guides, Privacy guides, Facebook Marketing and all type of Facebook Resources!

We care for your online security. So FacebookFever.com has Security Center too which shares Important Security guidelines, latest updates on spams spreading on Facebook and tutorials for the complete safety of your account from phishing, hacking and malicious apps.

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Top 5 Posts Trending on FacebookFever.com – The Unofficial Facebook Blog


  • An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Privacy And Security : Wants to configure your Facebook Account for maximum Privacy and security? Read this our complete guide to know all the Privacy option provided by Facebook and how can you best use of them to lock your Facebook account for maximum Privacy.


  • How To: Remove Adware on Facebook News Feed and Timeline : A detailed guide explaining What’s the difference between Facebook Ads, Facebook Sponsored Posts and Adware on Facebook. We also explained how can you get rid of all these type of ads so that you can use the social site in much more cleaner way.


  • Facebook New Chat Smileys that you don’t Know : As the post title refers, here we bet, you don’t know the Facebook smileys shared in this article. Use this awesome smileys in your chat and be a chat guru. And do let us know, if you knew these smileys before!


  • Facebook Image Dimensions and Size : We call it the “Facebook Cheat Sheet” that will give you the dimensions and size of all the images used on Facebook, whether it’s your Timeline Cover Photo, Profile Picture or your photos shared on your Facebook Fan pages, We had share the dimensions and images of all these type of images, so that you can optimize your Profile, Fan pages etc. in a much better way!


  • How to invite your all Facebook Friends to your Page or event : Wants to increase the likes of your Fan page? Who don’t wants? 😀 Here we explained how you can invite your all Facebook friends to like your page/event with a single click. For ex. say you have 5000 friends on your Facebook, so why don’t invite them to like your page with a single click. If you’ve a good networking on Facebook, you can use this method to boost your page likes!


  • How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Spam Applications : Getting so many spam app/games requests from friends? Seeing any spam update in your timeline and you don’t have any idea, from where it came? This post is for you then, we’ll guide how can you protect your account from these spam apps and block the spam app requests you’re getting from friends.

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