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Author: Govind Choudhary

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Facebook’s New Privacy Tool: What it’s? How to Enable it & Clear old data?

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Facebook, a known-to-all social media platform, is a large platform where people from all around the globe are connected. Facebook keeps on making new advancements from day to day time in order to survive in this competitive environment where many other social media platforms are growing widely. It has built an extensive network in order …

After WhatsApp, Facebook to roll out dark mode soon for Android users.

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WhatsApp has recently rolled out the dark mode for their users, and Facebook is set to be out on the same path. A new report has said that Facebook is set to rule out the new dark mode for its Android users, and we cannot keep calm about this. We all know that browsing in …

Facebook Just made a Dangerous decision for 2020

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Facebook has created a critical and a wrong decision that will bring a negative impact on the 2020 election. Facebook has decided that they will band all the sort of political advertising and any type of propagation of basic lies that can prevail on the internet with the use of the politicians.  “Ultimately, we don’t …

Facebook faces another massive Data leak affecting 267 million users.

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More than millions of Facebook IDs and user information with their phone number, name, and other information, were exposed to a series of online databases that could be a potential spam and phishing campaigns collecting other’s data. This was covered by a security researcher named Bob Diachenko and the whole database information according to the …

Did Facebook just Sanctioned Advertisers access to user data?

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We have always heard about the breach of privacy done by corporate conglomerates by accessing the data of users. This creates a major problem for privacy. Facebook has been accused this time again for allegedly giving access to advertisers for accessing the data of the users. Competitive methods have been always used by Facebook to …

How to Recover a Deleted FaceBook Page?

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Facebook as a social media platform is indispensable for businesses; small-scale organizations and enterprises have used it to garner some unbelievable response. The results on this platform are quite conspicuous and it is very much affordable. People have literally created million dollar businesses on Facebook out of thin air and you can be the next, …

How to completely delete a Facebook account?

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Social media is a very tricky platform. The constant updates, ever-changing schedules and numerous happenings just one click away. On the flip side, the alarming addiction and data breaches make it the most unsafe place on the internet. Facebook has its share of fans and haters. Many of you might get tired of all the …

Facebook Banns All CryptoCurrencies, ICO Adverts.

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Bitcoin’s market valued toppled nearly by 10 percentages on Tuesday night.  The price fell and came near to $9810 as soon as social media giant Facebook announced that it will be banning all cryptocurrency and ICO [Initial Coin Offerings] advertisements. It may be one of the reasons behind this BTC dump. Facebook banned cryptocurrency and …

Facebook Will use Crypto Currency: Says Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook has been the face of mostly the world for quite some time now, and we know that after it was introduced to the mankind, there was no looking back. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and the CEO of the social networking website is also a user of the same. He is a frequent user who …

Mark Zuckerberg Has a New Year’s Resolution for Facebook in 2018

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From the year 2009, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, updates his followers in January about a yearly challenge that he takes up. It can be regarded as a New Year Resolution of sorts. In the past, he has pledged to read a certain number of books in a year or run certain miles. For …