How To Invite All Facebook Friends In New Page Layout

Wants to increase your Facebook fan page likes without spending on ads and spamming?

Struggling to increase Facebook fan page post reach?

Well, the first and foremost thing you should do to increase your page likes is letting your Facebook friends know about your new page and asking them to like your fan page. Facebook have an inbuilt tool to invite friends to like your page. Once you invite anyone to your page they’ll get a notification about it and there are more chances of liking your fan page. Now, it’s a very difficult to selecting all friends manually and invite them. No worry, we’re here with a script through which you can invite all Facebook friends with just a single click.

All the old java-scripts to invite all Facebook friends are stopped working as Facebook has updated their page invite box layout ; previously there was check box to select friends and now there is button we need to select to invite all friends to any page.

Invite All Facebook Friends With a Single Click

Step 1: First and foremost go to your Facebook page to which you wants to invite all your friends. You must be the admin of the page to do this.

Step 2: Now, click the button just after the message tab on your page and select ‘Invite Friends’ from the drop down (As shown in the below screenshot). You can also find an option to invite all Facebook friends at the left side  box at below your fan page cover photo.

Step 3: After you select ‘Invite Friends’, a new pop-up window will appear containing all your friends, scroll down to the bottom of the window so that your all friends get listed in this.

Pro Tip: If you’ve large number of friends, use the browser’s in-built feature called smooth scrolling. Smooth Scrolling will scroll down that ‘Facebook Invite Friends’ window automatically until your all friends do not get listed. In Firefox, you’ve to enable it in Settings/Preferences/Options >>Advanced >>General tab, select Auto Scrolling. After enabling it, just press the middle button of your mouse on that pop-window, you’ll get an icon like this firefox smooth scrolling , now just move your mouse to little bit down side without touching the scrolling button and leave it there. You’ll see the page will automatically scrolling down without doing anything and it’ll stop when all your friends get listed in the pop-window.

Invite All Facebook Friends With a Single Click. The middle symbol is of ‘Auto scrolling’.


Step 4: Press F12 to open Console window in Firefox and Chrome. Mac users press Cmd + Opt + K (Firefox) and Cmd + Opt + J (Chrome) to open console Window. And in case, if shortcut are not working for you, just right click anywhere on the pop-window, select ‘Inspect Element’ and choose ‘Console’ from the top.

Step 5: Just paste this code in your console box at the bottom. And in case, if your browser giving you a scam-warning, just press ‘allow pasting’ (Without single quotes) to bypass the warning.


Step 6: After pasting script, wait for some 2-4 minutes depending on your number of friends. And see (below screenshot) your all friends will be invited automatically.


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That’s it. Your all Facebook friends are invited to like your page, they’ll get a notification for it. This is how you can invite all Facebook friends to your page with just a single click.

Bonus Tip : You can ask your friends to repeat the same process to invite their friends too to like your page, though you’ve to make your friend admin of the page to do this.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the short tutorial to invite all Facebook friends to any page with a single click. And in case, if you’ve any doubt/query about the code, don’t hesitate to drop it in the below comments, Our team will get back to your asap. We’ll be back with some more articles in ‘Increasing Fan Page Likes‘ series, so stay connected. And don’t forget to subscribe to our  newsletter so that you don’t miss any Facebook update, click here to subscribe. Please Share the tutorial with your friends.

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