83 Million Facebook Fake Accounts Will Be Deleted Soon

In a recent regulatory filing Facebook said 8.7 percent of its 955 million monthly active users worldwide are fake or false accounts. And these Facebook Fake Accounts will be deleted/disabled soon.

Yeah! You have heard right. If you have more than one Facebook account or if you are maintaining another account for your pet etc. then you are one of the 83 million Facebook fake accounts that fb is going to delete soon. There should be fan pages for your cat, business or institute not personal profile.

In a recent interview Facebook chief security officer Joe Sullivan told CNN,

“On Facebook we have a really large commitment in general to finding and disabling false accounts, and our entire platform is based on people using their real identities”.

Image : Facebook Fake accounts will be deleted soon


Categories of Facebook Fake Accounts :

Facebook has divided these fake accounts in three categories as follows
1. Duplicate Accounts
2. Misclassified Accounts 
3.Undesirable Accounts

Duplicate accounts on fb make 4.8 % (45.8 million) of active users. They are treated duplicate accounts because according to Social site’s TOS (Terms Of Service) users are not allowed to keep more than one personal account and can not create any new account on behalf of any other person.

Misclassified Accounts are the accounts that are made for Brands, Companies, Pets etc. These type of accounts (22.9 million) are allowed on the social site as Page but not as personal profile. You can create as many pages as you want for your pets, business etc. However,these personal profile can be converted into approved pages without losing any information. While converting personal profiles in to pages friends will become the fans of the page.

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Undesirable Accounts are just 1.5% of total active users but according to Facebook these are most troublesome and site thinks these are created just for spamming.

Facebook told they will disable these fake accounts and will wipe all the information from these accounts but will not delete it due to some safety and security reasons. Even the users of these accounts can’t get his/her data like posts, photos and videos in any way. They also told that once your account is  disabled you can’t create new account without permission from the site.

Readers: What you think about Facebook and this decision? Shouldn’t this decision be implemented earlier? Will this bring transparency in the social site?Share with us in the below comments.

Source – CNN

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