Quench Your Shopping Thirst With Facebook Buy Button Soon

If you are one among many such online shopping buffs, who love Facebook a lot, here is a great news to your surprise. Yes, your favorite social networking site is now planning to add Facebook buy button, such that you can directly shop from your Facebook account. So, you need not have to stop chatting with your friends, just because you have some shopping errands to complete. You can simultaneously shop and can chat with your friends.

Facebook tests Buy Button
Image: DeviceMag

Who isn’t on Facebook these days? Almost all your real world friends are your friends in this virtual world too, isn’t? In the recently years, the social media major has turned out to be the among the successful web models with more than 1.44 billion users across the world.

New shopping experience

With the great social networking experience the users get through Facebook, now they can also enjoy fun-filled shopping as well. Yes, the social media major has gone a step forward to provide the chance to the users to shop. The company aims at providing the best platform not just for socializing, sharing and discovering content to the users, but they are also planning to introduce Facebook buy button to ensure easy shopping to the users without leaving the social media platform.


Is shopping through mobile possible?

When Mobile active users, come across this news, the first question that would rise in their mind is whether this feature is available only for desktop users of Facebook? Definitely not, Facebook never want to let down their mobile active users. Yes, mobile users can also find Facebook buy button, which will look like the following image:


Facebook Testing  Buy Button
Facebook Buy Button On Mobile App : Image/DeviceMag

Shoppers are not the only beneficiaries with this newly introduced feature from Facebook. Yes, businesses can also be at the beneficiary side. Yes, the company is building out shops within Facebook pages, particularly mini e-commerce sites. This feature will allow businesses to set up a second home within their walls. Even though, the shops are still said to be in testing phase, some already feature the Facebook buy button that allows the businesses provide the best shopping experience to their customers right from their Facebook page. Everything right from product discovery to checkout can be the great highlight. The product marketing manager of Facebook said that this feature will be of great help to businesses to display their products directly on the page. So, retailers from here on can use this platform not just for marketing their products, but they can sell through Facebook.

Businesses will now have the option to permit their customers to complete their shopping through an integrated checkout system or they can also click out on the website of the business for order finalization.


What will be the benefit to Facebook?

If you are a shopper or a businessman, you might feel happy about shopping and reaching out customers respectively easier with this new Facebook buy button. But, due to your great interest and love towards this social networking platform, you might be wondering whether there will be any benefit to Facebook with this all new feature?

It is true that Facebook relies on digital advertising for most of the revenues and it is estimated that income from this source will reach nearly $60 billion in the year 2015. It is also estimated that the online commerce could reach about $350 billion this year. As more entities use Facebook for selling their stuff, they will be at the benevolence of Facebook’s algorithms and they may have to purchase ads to make sure that people see their products among the crowd of competitors. It is expected that for added revenue, Facebook could also begin taking a part of sales. However, Facebook does not currently take a percentage from the sales on its platform. But, the history of the company does contain instances, where it rolled out products with favorable terms for businesses only to roll back those terms, when it was decided that Facebook should make more money. For instance, companies once paid Facebook to build up likes on their page in such a way that they can communicate with the people who liked them in their newsfeed.

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Big push into commerce

Facebook buy button is a part of Facebook’s big push into commerce and it extends to the most sought after Messenger app. In Messenger, the company recently introduced money transfer functionality and it is known that they are working on a Virtual Messenger Assistant that will help people in researching and purchasing products. Virtual Messenger Assistant for shopping! Great, isn’t? Are you ready to shop on Facebook?

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