How To Create & Promte Facebook Event – Ultimate Guide

The father of all social networking websites, Facebook is always buzzing about one thing or the other. No matter what, people somehow find a way or an excuse to spend hours surfing on Facebook. There are lots of interesting elements that Facebook offers, hence keeping users engulfed for a longer time period. For instance, there are events, games, news feed and most commonly the stalking that keeps everyone busy on Facebook.

On the other hand, there are people who are using Facebook for advertising their business or for sending invites for certain events. Managing and sending the right message through an event is very necessary in order to receive the right reaction from the audiences. A little attention can bring fruitful results for your Facebook event and below are the few tips that will help you in organizing your Facebook event most effectively.


1.     Creating a Facebook Event

In order to invite people to any event or function, the first and the most important step is to create an event. By default, Events page/ app are present in every Facebook user’s profile and if not, you can search for it by typing “Event” in the search field. Once you enter this page, you will see a listing of all the events which you are hosting as well as the events to which you are invited. For creating a new event, you have to click on the “Create an Event” button. Once you click on this button, you will be asked to specify the details, such as location, name, date, starting as well as ending time of the event. In case you want to make your event look more appealing to people on Facebook, you can also add a tagline to go with it. Once this basic step is completed, it is time for you to set the privacy settings of this event.

Privacy settings are important because you certainly do not want stalkers or uninvited people to crash at your event. There are three options here: Open, Closed and Secret.

  • An Open event is one which can be seen by everyone on Facebook and they can also invite other people whom you don’t even know personally.
  • Closed event is one which can be seen by everyone but the details will be available to people who are invited to any specific event. Hence, only invited guests have the option to RSVP as well.
  • Last but not the least, a Secret event is one which can only be seen by people who are attending the event and hence it will not appear in anyone’s news feed as well. For personal as well as surprise parties, this is the most suitable privacy option to be used by the host.

Not only this, you can also add further details of the event, such as the dress code (if any), rules for the invitees, a picture and so on. All these details are optional and hence you can proceed without specifying these as well.

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2.     Sending invites

Now that you are done with creating the event, the next big step is to send invites to all the people who you want to be a part of your event. The best part is that Facebook has set no limit on the number of people whom you can invite for any event, but you cannot invite more than 100 guests at a single time. To make it look more interesting and appealing for your friends, you can also add personal notes with each invite. In case you send the invites without any note, your friends will simply receive an email stating the name, location, time as well as date of your event. Due to the monotonous nature of such events, it is advised to add a personal note with some more information about the event you are hosting. Apart from this, it also adds a more personalized touch to your event. As mentioned earlier, you can invite as many people as you want, but Facebook will not allow you to invite an individual in case they have declined your invite in the past.

3.     Promoting an event

So, you are done with successfully creating your event as well as sending invites to your friends. Now is the time for the most crucial step which determines the success of every event on Facebook. It is to promote and manage your event so that it succeeds in leaving the right impression on your invitees. Instead of waiting for people to notice and join your event on their own, you need to make extra efforts here. If your event is open, this step becomes rather easier as you can ask your friends to bring in as many guests as possible. To make things easier, there is a “Message Guests” button below the event you have created. By clicking on this button, you can remind people about your event in case they haven’t noticed it yet. You can also click on the “Share” button in order to make your event visible in the news feed of all your friends.

Another advantage of creating Open events is that you can also purchase ads on Facebook for advertising purposes. The “Promote Event with an Ad” button will take you to Facebook’s advertising page. One thing to be kept in mind is that for events with more than 5000 guests, you cannot send messages. Hence, you can only spread the word about your event by adding in more Event Admins for your event.

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4.     Managing the invites

If you have made RSVP mandatory for your invitees, you can also get the guest list printed in order to manage things more effectively. There is a link below the event picture that will allow you to print the guest list. To make sure that only the invited people come for your party, you can also get their profile pictures printed with the guest list. This will make it easier to verify invitees at the party.

Spreading word about any event via Facebook is a great option for sending mass invites. Due to the charismatic effect that Facebook maintains to have on its users, we can see more and more people using Facebook event in the future as well.

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