How To Remove Your Name From Facebook Sidebar Social Ads

In this World of Social Media, Privacy is very important to keep your information safe and to be in the limit of your selected friends circle. And when comes to the Social media Facebook is the largest social site which holding more than 950 million users. We all use Facebook to share our best moments, promoting new business, expanding audiences and to stay connected with our best buddies. And to keep our personal info and updates safe, we use the sites privacy settings.

But today I am going to reveal one thing that most of the folks don’t know on how your personal preferences are shared publicly by Facebook to promote their  social sidebar ads. I think most of the Fb users don’t know about Facebook Social Ads and how they work and what should you do to remove your name from these sidebar social ads. Let me tell you more information on social ads and how they work. And I will also tell how to stop Facebook from sharing your personal info via these social ads.

 What is Facebook Social Ads?

Facebook uses social ads to make revenue by showing your liked pages to your friends and the liked pages from them to you by mentioning your name that XYZ like this at your account right sidebar (See the screenshot). And this concept works great for them to maximize their revenue. As this leads to a Like for that page by your friend too and then by his friends etc. and this cycle goes on. And if  your best friend liked any page the 100% chances are that you’ll also like it. So, this shit thing goes in this manner. I hope you got it.
In this way, a social ad will be shown to your friends.

If you are uncomfortable in sharing your personal preferences with anyone, you can disallow Facebook to use your personal interests in promoting their social ads. Lets learn how to do it.

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Remove Your Name From Facebook Social Ads

Step 1. Just go to your Account settings from the drop down menu near Home button.
Step 2. Click Ads from the left sidebar or just visit this direct link to Facebook Social Ad Settings tab.
Step 3. Click the link at bottom saying “Edit Social Ad Settings” from the Facebook ads page.
Step 4. Now, select “No One” from a drop down menu saying “Pair my social actions with ads for” at bottom of the page. (Check below screenshot).
Guide to remove name from Facebook Social Ads
That’s it. You’ve successfully remove your name from Facebook social ads. Stay updated to us for more Privacy Updates. Did you enjoyed my read? Do you have any Facebook query? Drop it in the comment section Or on our Facebook fan page we’ll give our best to solve it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest updates in your inbox. Do check out this Facebook Page to know how Facebook ads work and how can a user control ads?

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    • Thanks di for your kind words! Yeah,it’s very important to be active on these type of social sites as they keep changing its privacy policy and settings.Recently,Instagram(Popular photos sharing Service)updates its policy that it can use your photos and personal data in their advertising options And as soon as people got this news they started leaving the service.And finally Instagram have to roll back policy on Advertising 😀

  1. I had changed my settings to No-one a long time ago. I still get all sorts of ads on my homepage..these must be from a different source…I clicked the X to remove them, but then others just pop up in their place…hmmm…any ideas?


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