Facebook launching the ability to play Games directly in your news feed within your timeline stories.

According to Facebook Developer Post:

“We’re launching the ability for people to try games directly in news feed. Feed gaming enables developers to share a playable version of their game within news feed and timeline stories, reaching new users through some of our main distribution channels.”


Play Facebook Games Directly in Your News Feed :

This update will enable to try any Facebook game with 1 click, as the game will be just a sample that enable to try game without authorizing it. Some games are already using Feed gaming to increase their engagement and drive acquisition like Idle Worship, Angry BirdsBubble Witch Saga etc. At the end of game sessions, many games prompt players to install the app, converting trial players into new installs.

Feed Gaming will maximize the user engagement in sharing your score at particular level to compete with friends, sharing your rewards and encouraging users to try them. Even you can track your game performance in your App insights.