Facebook New Chat Smileys That You Don’t Know

Updated – 25/09/2014

Facebook Smileys or emotions are great way to share your emotions or feelings without typing during your chat with your friends. Because we just can’t tell them how exactly we’re feeling right now and here comes the importance of smileys. And actually, it gave a strong feeling type smell to a message, without a smiley message is look somewhat incomplete 😉 . You’ll not believe, am so much addicted to using smileys is that I never left a sentence without putting a smiley at the end Winking smile.

Facebook users can use the supported smileys in Facebook chat as well as the comments. Previously smileys on the giant social network were limited to the chat only. And you can use the Facebook smileys with any platform, just put the code and it will show up. Even Facebook Messenger apps (Android, iOS, Windows) is full of Smileys, emotions, emoji and cute stickers that you can use to enjoy your chat experience.

How To Insert Facebook’s New Smileys in Chat and Comments?

So, now the question arises, how to use the Facebook smileys/emotions? Yes..Yes, I know, you knew how to use them – It’s so simple. But some newbie freaks are always there, who’re new to this social network site. We’ll there’s code or we can call short-cut to insert a smiley/emotion in chat as well as Facebook comments and we’ve to put that code. So, simple is that!

Here’s the table showing you the code of the basic smileys used on Facebook, you can use them in comments as well as in chat. Plus Being so addicted to the Facebook so we called FacebookFever Guys. We’ll also share the code of some advance chat smileys that We bet probably you don’t know. Do let us know in the Facebook comment section, if you knew it before reading this article Winking smile


As instructed, simple copy or type the code that shown in-front of each smiley to insert them in your chat or comments. These are the basic Facebook Smileys followed by some more smileys that are unknown to most of FB users.


And these are some more Facebook smileys to increase your chat experience.

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For Example : For Birthday Cake Symbol/ Birthday cake emotion → [[F9.cake]] ➵ 373697_261928553871342_1023871642_q

Smiley Description Of Smiley Code To Paste
fb smileys Smile – smiling face [[F9.laugh]]
373340_271180596269611_1266097363_q Wine – Wine Bottles [[F9.wine]]
373708_245705128831888_1453211688_q Coffee – Cup of coffee [[F9.coffee]]
373697_261928553871342_1023871642_q Birthday cake with candles [[F9.cake]]
373673_313677785332607_2058915641_q Applause – face that laughs and applauds [[F9.clap]]
373688_243677809036633_2012771040_q Happy-face curling lip [[F9.curllip]]
373710_213145002104931_170874050_q Call [[F9.callme]]
373619_228450643897474_2038248095_q Angelo – Santa face with areola [[F9.angel]]
373660_268767953183503_1822592992_q Broken Heart [[F9.heartbreak]]
373636_202320873192373_632731118_q Angry – face red with anger [[F9.angry]]
373606_293386767374953_857842957_q Ghost [[F9.ghost]]
373089_331411256878257_1194660822_q Confused – with a crooked mouth [[F9.confused]]
373605_293286974056416_2142891466_q Heart – big red heart [[F9.heart]]
373180_269195856469053_438749059_q Lie – with a long nose [[F9.lying]]
373040_292890367428140_604224631_q Kiss – Kiss [[F9.kiss]]
373091_361411527218436_1669285884_q Sad – sad emoticons [[F9.sad]]
373360_151969561579333_1014113178_q Bomb [[F9.bomb]]
373522_210590395692766_553086628_q In love – with heart-shaped eyes [[F9.inlove]]
373478_252822621451530_1834805611_q Doctor or Nurse [[F9.doctor]]
373582_216563015093091_572346200_q Smiley who loves – with the heart eyes [[F9.adore]]
276924_160409134064533_618808822_q Rains – clouds and rain [[F9.rain]]
373359_319916438042595_996925949_q Balloons – Party [[F9.balloons]]
372893_337013986326377_1590129953_q He sleeps – He’s asleep [[F9.sleepy]]
372952_228875237186932_883002579_q Gift Pack [[F9.gift]]
261107_268622579865910_324707889_q Pizza – a slice of pizza [[F9.pizza]]
372854_297196800316963_1032463291_q Cup – bowl noodles [[F9.bowl]]
373578_268397173220689_314748441_q Devil – Devil’s Face [[F9.devilface]]
261097_270978256294748_355862749_q Sun [[F9.sun]]
261113_199291753499048_1743600636_q BRB (be right back) [[F9.brb]]
373039_158670090903311_1913764976_q Surprised – with mouth open [[F9.shock]]
facebook-rock-sign Facebook Rock Sign/Symbol [[roxsign]]
facebook-middle-finger-sign Facebook Middle Finger Sign/Symbol [[midfing]]

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