Update : 16 October 2014 (Working Method)  Since Facebook updated their pop-up invitation box with buttons to select all Facebook Friends, the previous java-scripts are no more working.Preciously there were check-boxes if you remembers now link of profiles. Don’t worry i have another method/java-script to invite all Facebook friends. I have tested the method in Firefox and chrome browser, it works like a charm. Just follow the below steps mentioned :
Step 1: Open your Facebook Page >> Click Build Audience (From top menu) >> Click Invite Friends.
Step 2:  A New pop-up will open,  select search all Friends instead recent Interactions so that your friends are invited few and now scroll down to bottom until your all friends are loaded in the pop-up box.
Bonus Tip : If you’ve large number of friends say 4.5K, so it will be a lengthy task to scrolling down and down, Why don’t you use Firefox in-built feature known as ‘Smooth Scrolling’, you’ll find it in Settings/Preferences/Options >>Advanced >>General tab, select Auto Scrolling. Now get back to your fan page invite box and click the mouse middle button, you’ll get an icon like this firefox smooth scrolling, now just move your mouse to little bit down side without touching the scrolling button and leave it at the bottom. Have a coffee and once you get back, it will load your all friends in invitation box.
Step 3: Right click anywhere in the pop-box and then click Inspect Element. A New window will appear, click Console from the top menu and paste this java-script code in the console tab and hit enter. But, in the latest version of Firefox, you may get it warning you before paste the java script code in console window, just type ‘allow pasting’ (Without single quotes, see the below screenshot), don’t worry these codes are only created to auto invite your all Facebook Friends to your page, event etc.
invite all Facebook Friends with single click
Type Allow pasting to bypass the error, once you type, it will disappear automatically. (Click Screenshot to enlarge)
You’re done! Wait for some minutes depend on the number of friends you have so that all are selected. After check if all are selected by scrolling in the pop-up box.
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Update 09 July 2013 (Not Working)- I have come across a working JavaScript to invite all Facebook friends in Firefox Browser.
Step 1: Open Firefox browser and hit to your Facebook page to invite all friends to like your page.Now,click on Build Audience from the top navigation bar then Invite Friends.
Step 2: Select “All Friends” instead of “Recent Interaction” so that you can invite all friends to your page.Now,scroll to bottom till all your friends not shown.
Step 3 : Press Ctrl+Shift+K,a small window will appear at bottom and paste the below code in it and click enter.
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()};
That’s it.Now,all your friends will selected.Just hit submit to notify them about your new page,event.This below JavaScript also works in Chrome browser as i just personally test it.You can also try this working Chrome extension to invite all friends to your page,event.

Update September 15 2012 (Not – Working) : The below mentioned chrome extension also not working fully.It only selects 10 friends.So,today i have got one more simple way to invite all Facebook friends in Chrome browser with a working script.I have personally tested it.So,Just follow the following steps and boost your page likes.

Step 1. Open your chrome browser and go to your Facebook page > Build Audience and click Invite Friends.
Step 2. Now,click “All Friends” instead of “Recent Interactions” from the drop down menu,as it will ping all your friends about your page to like.
Step 3. Scroll right to bottom of your friends to the end.
Step 4. Now press Ctrl+Shift+J and it will open a new JavaScript window.
Step 5. And paste the below code in that JavaScript window and enter.

var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName(“input”); for (var i=0; i < inputs.length; i++) { if (inputs[i].getAttribute(‘type’) == ‘checkbox’) { inputs[i].click(); } }

Step 6: You are done!Check now all your friends will selected,just hit the submit button.Enjoy Guys 🙂 Stay Subscribed to us for more Facebook updates and resources!

Update : After getting responses from readers,that the following JavaScript code no more working in Firefox.Now,i have one alternative for chrome users and this Chrome Plugin named “Facebook Invite All Friends PRO” works perfectly.You can head to bottom of this post to know its working.I am searching for any alternative for Firefox users too.Though there are many JavaScript but that’s not all worthy to try,as these will not supported by all browsers and leads to hang browser.So,i will update if any JavaScript free alternative found.Stay tuned .Thanks for your responses 🙂

Today am going to share a Facebook trick to invite all Facebook friends to Page,event with a single click.Yeah,you heard right now,no need to click the every individuals to invite them.I will share the trick to invite all Facebook friends with a single click on Firefox browser as well as Google Chrome with just a single click.So,let’s get into it.

Invite All Facebook Friends In Firefox (Not Working, Check at the top of article)

First i will tell you how to invite all Facebook friends to Page,Event in Firefox Browser.

As we all know now the Facebook pages are also in the Timeline Layout.So,i will guide you step by step in the same.

Step 1: Just head to your Facebook Page and click Invite Friends in the Build Audience drop down menu.
Step 2 : New window will load with your friends,select search all friends from the left drop down menu instead of Recent Interaction etc.You can also choose friends from a group,your particular smart list,friends from your location or any other place from the drop down menu.Don’t forget to scroll the right bar to end so that your all friends visible there and can be selected all at once.Now,just copy the below code to your Firefox Web Browser URL Box/Address Bar and hit enter.

javascript:var x=document।getElementsByTagName("input");for(var i=0;i

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Note: It will take time depend on your number of friends.So,leave it for some time and wait for the dialogue box saying Done,All your Friends Have Been Selected.

How To Invite All Facebook Friends to an Event In Firefox

To invite all Facebook friends to any event,you must have to first join the particular event.After joining just click Invite Friends and again follow the same above steps to get done with it.

Invite All Facebook Friends In Google Chrome (Not Working, Check at the top of article)

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I have got an awesome Chrome Plugin for Google Chrome users to invite all Facebook friends to page,event.You can get Facebook Add All Friends from the Chrome Store.You can watch the video for working of this great chrome plugin.
Hope you guys like this tweak to invite all Facebook friends to any page,event with a single click.Do you have any other tweak to do the same,share with us in below comments.