Explore Different Methods To Find Facebook Profile User ID

As I know, you might also be aware of the fact that Facebook finally implemented friendly usernames, such that it will be easier for our friends to find us on this huge social networking site. But, applications are still based on the Facebook User ID’s.  If you are looking for some methods to find your Facebook profile User ID or the Facebook ID of one of your friends, let us explore some methods here:

facebook profile id

Before actually getting into the different methods to find your User ID on Facebook, I would like to introduce you with the difference between user name and user Id and here is an image to show the difference to you.

facebook profile id

Of course, you might already have seen your Facebook profile link with your username, but there are little chances that you might have seen your profile link with user ID. This might be the reason why you are looking for ways to find Facebook User ID, isn’t?

1. Identify your profile ID from URL:

If you have been using Facebook for sometime now, you might have already realized that each user has a unique profile URL. This URL will allow you to directly visit the profile page of that particular individual. If you are looking to find the Facebook profile ID of one of your friends, you can just extract the ID from his/her profile URL. This is possible regardless of whether your friend has customized his profile URL or not.

Non-customized profile URL:

When you sign up on Facebook, you were given a Profile URL with a long series of numbers attached to it. For instance, in the image shown above, there is a number marked as User id in the URL section given on the top of the image, it is an example for non-customized profile URL.

Customized Profile URL:

Facebook permits the users to customize their profile link by adding their user name to it. In the image shown above, the URL given in the bottom of the image is an example for customized profile URL.

From this, you can understand that it will be easier for you to find your friend’s Facebook Profile ID, if he/she has not customized the URL. But, now your question will be about customized profile URL, isn’t? Even in such case you can easily find the ID with the second method given below:

2. Using Graph.facebook.com:

Yes, all you have to do is just replace the www with facebook in the User name ID of your friend to get his Profile ID. When you take the case of the image show above, as against www.facebook.com/adampash, you will have to just type in the address bar of your internet browser as graph.facebook.com/adampash to find the profile ID.

3. Extract profile ID from Friends link:

As you are searching for your Facebook Profile User ID, you can just visit your profile page on Facebook, where you will find the number of friends you have in the social networking platform. Just right click on the friends link and copy the link address. Just paste the link to notepad and you will find the ID, like in the image given below:

facebook profile id


4. Just search in your old emails:

When you are interested in finding people on Facebook, but are not able to visit their profile page in some situations like if they have blocked you or disabled their profile, the best thing you can do to find their User ID on Facebook is to search in your old emails. You might be interested in finding the profile ID of your friend just to verify if he/she is still on Facebook or has blocked you.

Here, I am presuming that you have not deleted email notifications that you have received from Facebook. When this is the case, you can just visit your email and can search for the email, when you received notification from Facebook that you are now friends with the particular person, whom you want to find on Facebook. If you have difficulty in finding such mails, just search using ‘wants to be friends with you on Facebook’ on your inbox. Just find the mail notification from Facebook and copy the link of the confirm request button to notepad. This will be a long URL and all you have to do is just search for the ‘f’ parameter, which will look like f=123456. That’s all friend, you have found the Facebook Profile user ID of your friend.

5. Use chat list:

You can also choose this easy method and all you have to do here is just click on the name of the individual in the chat list that can be found on the right side of your homepage. Not just your friends, you can also find your ID there. Just choose the save link option and paste it somewhere. Do you believe that the name of the html file is the ID itself.

That’s all friends, if you have any other methods to explore Facebook profile user ID, just share with us here.


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