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How To Hide Facebook Groups From Your Timeline

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This post will guide you how to hide Facebook groups section from your Facebook public timeline. Facebook Groups are an amazing way to have topic based discussion with like-minded people. Not only you can have a discussion with the group members but can also share files, photos etc. Facebook Groups are of three types based …

An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Privacy And Security

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The planet’s biggest social networking site, Facebook has billions of users worldwide but half of its users, or should we  say more than half of its users are not aware about the privacy and security settings of their account. These settings enable the users  to keep their information safe and share only amongst the users/friends …

How To Remove Your Name From Facebook Sidebar Social Ads

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In this World of Social Media, Privacy is very important to keep your information safe and to be in the limit of your selected friends circle. And when comes to the Social media Facebook is the largest social site which holding more than 950 million users. We all use Facebook to share our best moments, …

Remove Your Facebook Graph Searches From Activity Log Before It Goes Public

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I think you all are well aware with the Facebook Graph search. Yeah, the search box at the top with text “Search for people, places and things” located at every Facebook page. Actually you can search everything from there. It’s very interesting to see how people use it and it shows the results of any …

How To: Get Rid Of Annoying Facebook Photo Tagging

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Facebook photo tagging is a pretty awesome feature that lets you mention your friends who are with you in a photo. When you tag someone in your photo he/she will be notified about it and the photo will be added to their timeline & in their Photos Of You Album. It takes conversation to the …