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Why You Should Not Install Facebook Entertaining Apps?

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Like everything else in the life, be it death or falling in love, spam is inevitable. From spam emails to spam messages, from spam comments on your Facebook wall to spam posts about hacking your Facebook account, spam is pretty real and undeniable part of our online life. We normally have quite a lot of …

An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Privacy And Security

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The planet’s biggest social networking site, Facebook has billions of users worldwide but half of its users, or should we  say more than half of its users are not aware about the privacy and security settings of their account. These settings enable the users  to keep their information safe and share only amongst the users/friends …

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Spam Applications

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Article Updated : 19 October 2014 What are Facebook Spam Applications? A Spam Or Rogue application is a Facebook application which is developed by someone (Spammers) with false or fake intention. The main goal of such application is to grab user’s personal and account data.  The user data stolen by spammers is use to spread spam, scam, …

How To Set Your Trusted Contacts On Facebook?

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Recently Facebook introduced Trusted Contacts feature to give an extra level security to your Facebook Account. Whether  you’ve forgotten your password or your Facebook Account “Hacked”, you can set the help of your three to five Facebook Friends whom you trust to regain access. What are Facebook Trusted Contacts? Trusted contacts are the users you can reach …

Facebook Giving Free Trials Of Antiviruses. Download Now

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Updated 01 Oct 2014 Click this link, it will take directly to the checkpoint to download the Free Antivirus from Facebook. There will be  a pop-up, showing your Account is temporarily locked, don’t worry just click continue to proceed and again click continue on the next page to get the download link of the anti-virus. …