How To Set Your Trusted Contacts On Facebook?

Recently Facebook introduced Trusted Contacts feature to give an extra level security to your Facebook Account. Whether  you’ve forgotten your password or your Facebook Account “Hacked”, you can set the help of your three to five Facebook Friends whom you trust to regain access.

What are Facebook Trusted Contacts?

Trusted contacts are the users you can reach out if you have any problem in login or getting your Facebook Account. For example, if you have forgotten your password and even can’t get back to your email to reset the password.

We recommend every Facebook user to set their trusted contacts to avoid  any future problem in getting the access of your Facebook account back.

Whom Should You Choose As Your Trusted Contacts?

We recommend you to choose the friends who can be easily called for help if there’s any problem with your Facebook Account. And in case when you are adding more than 3 friends to trusted contact list, you will need a private code from each contact before you can get access to your account. Remember each person can get the code only by accessing Facebook. So, only choose the friends who use Fb often and get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Set Your Trusted Contacts On Facebook?

Step: 1 Login to your Facebook Account and navigate to your Account security settings OR you can visit this link to directly go to your Trusted Contacts section. Now, click Choose trusted contacts to start adding your close friends as trusted contacts.

Again Click Choose Trusted Contacts to proceed.

Step: 2 Now, just enter your friends’ name to add as your trusted contacts on Facebook. You can add minimum 3  and maximum 5 friends to your Trusted contacts list. Once you’re done with entering name click confirm and type your Facebook account password to save the list. Your Friends will be notified when you add them as  your Trusted Contacts.

Note: You can edit this list anytime.

Enter Your Close Friends Name To Add as Trusted Contacts

How Facebook Trusted Contacts Work To Get Access of Your Account Back?

Whenever you need the help of your trusted contacts to get access your Facebook Account, you first have to ask all of them to visit and they need to verify that it’s really you who asking for the code. Once they have the code and pass it with you, which you’ll need to enter in order to get back access to your Facebook Account.

And again the same thing applies here, you have to ask every trusted contact to follow the same procedure. For example,if you’ve added 5 trusted contacts, need to have enter 5 codes.

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Readers: Do you like this step by social networking site to increase security of  Facebook account? Have you successfully added trusted contacts to your account?

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