Unfollow Any Facebook Post From Notification Box [Update]

Recently Facebook Updated its Notification box as well as some features in it.The new features lets you unfollow any Facebook post and turn off updates from a group right from your Facebook Notification Box.Two more feature rolled out in this “Notification Box Update” – first one is the,Notification box is centered and you can scroll down the previous  updates  in Notification box.(See the shots)

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How To Unfollow Facebook Posts From Notifications

Step 1: Just hit to your Notifications and click the ‘x’ button in front the particular story/post you wants to unfollow.In case of any group story,you have to hit Turn Off otherwise Unfollow while confirming.


Step 2: After hit the ‘x’ button in front of the particular story,you have to confirm the same.You can Undo the same,if you wants to follow the post now.That’s it Smile


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