How To Make Effective Use Of Facebook Audience Insights

Are you a marketer or an entrepreneur looking for an effective tool to help you target your Facebook adverts in an effective manner? Are you interested in understanding about the people to whom your advertisements reach, before you actually spend your hard-earned money on them? Do you agree that even the most effective marketing will fail unless and until it reaches the hands of the right target audience? There need not be worry anymore, as we will explain here how using Facebook Audience Insights will ensure that your advertisements reach the right users on this social networking site.

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About Facebook Audience Insights:

It is true that Facebook has other tools like Ad creation and Power Editor for customizing the audience that you need to target in your Facebook Marketing campaign, the problem with these features is that they will not provide you any insights on the audience before actually running your campaign. But, the positivity associated with Facebook Audience Insights feature is that it will help you understand about a particular audience before spending your money towards it.

To begin with:

You can start creating your audience on the basis of three varied sets of data as given below:

  • All Facebook users – As the name implies, it encompasses all Facebook Users
  • Your existing page fans – This includes the people, who like you on Facebook
  • Your Present custom audience – This is any custom audience that you have created with the help of your Email list of people, who have already visited your website.

Data from varied sources:

Do you know that Facebook Audience insights is loaded with data from varied sources like:

  • Data that users share on their own on Facebook
  • Data obtained from third-party firms and connected with records with Facebook

How about present custom audience?

When you are using Facebook for business, in addition to creating an Audience list on the basis of analytics, you will be in a position to get back and load target group that you have created earlier on Power Editor. This can be the wonderful option, as you will be in a position to see the insights for that particular email list you have uploaded previously. Can you imagine, how to focus on Facebook audience targeting, when you get an excellent report page like this:

You can bespoke audience right from the chart:

Do you feel it to be a data visualization? But, it is even more. Yes, you can actually click on the chart reports that you get from Facebook Audience insights to exclude or target some specific segment of people. For instance, if your target audience is people from a particular age group or sex, you can do this with the help of the side bar or by just clicking on the chart bar.

audience insights


This is stated as one of the best features of Facebook Audience insights. The reason is that most of the data is provided are sorted by affinity. For instance, when you take the case of ‘page likes’, table, it will give you the list of Facebook pages that are likely to be relevant to your audience.

Audience Insights broken into four steps:

When analysing some of the best Facebook business page tips, most of the professionals recommend usage of Facebook Audience Insights. The reason is that this feature is broken down into four steps and they are:

  1. Build: Here, you can create audience insights on the basis of your own users, your custom audience or your fans
  2. Find: Next comes ‘find’, with the help of which you can zero in your audience on the basis of their behaviors and demographics.
  3. Compare: Here, you can understand certain things like their job title, educational level and their lifestyle
  4. Target: Finally, you can save your audience to use the data later on for your Facebook ad targeting.

How is the data sorted?

As mentioned earlier, affinity is used for sorting of data and this is the default thing. It is nothing, but the likelihood of a particular segment being in this audience over the average Facebook users and you will find the following categories under each data tab:


  • Age and gender – This is self-reported data from people of 18 and older in their Facebook Profiles
  • Lifestyle: This is the data provided on the basis of brand affinity, purchase behavior and other similar things
  • Relationship status: This is another self-reported data on people, who list a relationship status on Facebook
  • Educational level: This data denotes the highest level of education reached on the basis of self-reported data from people on this social networking site.
  • Job title: This is another self-reported data and as the name implies, it will give you the details about the likely job industries in which people work.

Page likes:

Under this tab, you will be in a position to find two sets of important data as it is fundamentally focused on affinity.

  • Top categories: This data is based on the niches liked by users on Facebook in different categories.
  • Page Likes: Pages on Facebook that are probably pertinent for your Facebook audience. This is the excellent tool to find other appropriate sources in your area of operation when you are using Facebook for business.


In this tab, you will be to find three subcategories and they are top cities, top countries and top languages. You can use this tab for adding and for removing of people, who reside in particular areas on the basis of the level of affinity.


Here, you will be in a position to find two sets of useful data:

  • Activity frequency: You can get to know the number of instances in which your audience perform specific activities like liking posts, page, sharing posts or commenting on posts, making ad clicks and redeeming promotions.
  • Device users: When selecting Facebook ad placement, you will have to know whether your audience use their desktop or mobile for accessing Facebook, so that you can make the appropriate selection.


This data is made available by Facebook only for users in the United States. Here, the estimates are offered on the basis of the responses gained from people from surveys. In this tab, you can find 5 sets of data and they are:

  • Household income
  • Home ownership
  • Household size
  • Home market value
  • Spending methods


The data under this category is on the basis of the purchase behavior of people from United States. You will find data under the following sub-categories:

  • Retail spending
  • Online purchases
  • Purchase behavior
  • In market for a vehicle

In short, Facebook audience targeting is something that is going to become easier, when you use this Facebook insights tool.

Here is a video that will give you a clear picture:

Are you planning to use Facebook Audience Insights? Try it out and share your thoughts about this great tool and how it helps your business grow!

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