Brands on Facebook – What Are They Missing Out?

As the proud owner of a brand, you might be well-aware of the power of Facebook for business and brand promotion. But, have you ever wondered why some brands on Facebook are thriving, but why your brand is not able to effectively use this social media site for brand promotion?

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When it comes to marketing your Facebook Business Page, you can make effective use of Facebook Authorship about which we discussed in our earlier post. This is a recently introduced feature.

Brands are using facebook wrongly:

Yes, some brands are not able to strive on Facebook, just because they are not making effective use of this wonderful tool. Here are some of details to show how Brands on Facebook are using it wrongly:

Paying attention to fans:

I am not trying to say that building a fan base is wrong, the thing they are doing is that they are paying attention to quantity as against quality. Yes, it is only quality fan-base that will pay. Just with a target on quantity, brands on Facebook, run contests and poorly targeted campaigns to people, who are not at all likely to place orders with them.

Paying attention on reach:

The goals of advertising on Facebook, tend to go in the following order: They look for as much as fans as possible for a little money. The fact to remember here is that paid likes will not be going to do any favor. Then, they pay attention to measure success based on their reach. When they are not building a quality fan base, reach is going to suck, isn’t? Secondly, they do not pay attention to actions to follow.

Paying attention to engagement:

When I build a fan base of people, who do not care about me and my brand, will it pay me? This is what some brands on Facebook do. Yes, after focusing on fans and reach, they get to engagement aspect. The reason is that they are well-aware of the importance of brand engagement and how does it pays.

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With a view to increase engagement, they begin to share a number of photos. But, the point they miss out is judging whether people get engaged to their content. The fact to remember here is that you cannot build anything long-term just with shares, likes, comments and other clicks in this competitive world.

Paying attention to sales:

Some brands on Facebook, just want to sell through Facebook and this is another reason for their failure on Facebook as they do not know ‘How to advertise on Facebook‘. Even though, sales and turnover can measure the success of a business, repeated sales and returned consumers alone can bring success. So, sales alone should never be the motto.

How about brand promotion on Facebook?

Now, after having read all the above-mentioned details, you might be wondering what businesses should do instead? Let us find some useful Facebook Marketing Tips given by Jon Loomer, a Digital marketing consultant with unique perspective on Social media:

Spend money on your website:

You might be wondering when we are talking about Facebook page for business promotion, where does my website gets into picture? But, this is absolutely important for brand promotion on this social networking site. It should be your utmost priority as you own it and it will play a ground breaking role on the success of you Facebook Business Page marketing. Before actually you begin your marketing campaign on Facebook or any other social networking site for that matter, get your website right. Get some valuable resources for creating quality content and get it well designed.

Content can turn out to be the king:

This does not mean that you should be writing contents just about your products and services, but you should really add some interesting and useful content to your website. When creating content, it is important to have your target audience in mind. Just give some clarifications for the questions that your prospective customers might have about your products or services. Here, you can get the help of your sales and marketing team as they would be well-aware of the questions raised by your prospective customers. For instance, the title of your content should be in question format related to your product or service. For instance, if your’s is an insurance company, you can post contents like ‘How much it will cost yearly for your insurance premium?’ and ‘How important it is to cover yourself?’ This means that your website should provide some valuable and useful details to your prospective customers, as against just talking about your products or services with brand promotion alone as the motto.

Share the content:

Not just creating quality content, but it should be shared on the your Facebook Business Page as well. This should be done, regardless of whether you have a fewer fans or whether you think only a fewer fans really care about your posts. Probably, you might have an email list, share it with the email list as well. Here, you can use Facebook Authorship features as well.

Promote it:

Now, you must give the content a broader audience by making it reach more people like those, who might have helped in your blog post. Even, you can make use of the feature called ‘audience insights’ for the promotion of your content.

After doing all these things, when you develop your fan base through your content, it will really pay you without any doubt. This is what some popular brands on Facebook do and here is an image showing some successful brands on this social networking site:

So, head start your brand promotion on Facebook and like other successful brands on Facebook, let your brand too gain popularity. Do you have any other ideas for brand promotion on this social networking site? Do share them with us.

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