Facebook To Integrate ‘Send On Whatsapp’ Button On Its Android App Posts

If like most of us, you have been questioning Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, and it’s motive behind pushing an extra messenger rigorously. You finally might be able to breathe a sigh. Not a big gasp of relief, but a sigh, nonetheless. Almost a year after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, there finally seems to be a move that will integrate both the social media giants. Reported in Geek Times, the new Facebook android update will add a ‘send’ button along with WhatsApp Logo on the bottom panel of the posts in news feed. Which means, that now apart from being able to like, comment and share, the users will be able to also send the post to any WhatsApp contact.

Images on a tech website shows that the soon-to-be released Version of the Facebook Android app will now include a WhatsApp icon as an option in the status actions button.

In the past, Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg had maintained that Facebook will let WhatsApp operate independently. However, it is, but imperative that both the media, add to the relevance of each other through better alignment. It has been cited across publications that going forward, the technical teams of both the media, are looking towards a deeper integration.

In our opinion, this integration will certainly enthrall the avid users of Facebook and WhatsApp both. While at the same time, this might be of little or no relevance to user base of the individual media. Having said that, this move might just bring about another twist in the tale, in the form of a WhatsApp add on for the browsers. Currently, sharing content on the browser is enabled through a myriad number of applications, Facebook, mail, twitter, Pinterest etc, to name a few. But WhatsApp is missing from these, though WhatsApp has desktop application for browsers – called WhatsApp Web. This integration might just trigger the share on WhatsApp as a default extension too. Cheers to the WhatsApp users, definitely. And yet another reason to go back to that Facebook page, if you haven’t, in a while.

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