Quickly Upload Photos To Facebook By Pasting The Image URL

facebook-tips-and-tricksMany times we download photos from the web only to re-upload to Facebook.We see many memes in our fb newsfeed and wants to share it among our friends circle without directly sharing it from the profile/page.There is no option left except downloading it first and then to upload to Facebook.Isn’t this process complicated and waste your time.Don’t worry i have another very simple way to do it.Yeah,now you can upload photos to Facebook just by pasting the URL(Uniform Resource Locator) OR Photo link.No need to download memes in your computer and then upload to social networking sites.

How To Upload Photos To Facebook By Pasting The Image URL?

The memes,images you found on Web can easily upload to Facebook just by typing the images link/URL.Here is the step by step guide to do this.

1.In your browser just right click on the image you want to upload on Facebook and select ‘Copy Image Location’,now the link/URL of image is copied to your clipboard.Note: The Wording may vary browser to browser.

2.Now,just go to Facebook and hit Add Photo/Video and then Upload Photo/Video.

3.Click Choose File and in the text field next to file name just paste the image URL/link that you have copied.That’s it.

This is too easy and simple to upload photos to any social networking sites.Hope Facebook will come with this URL uploading options soon.Do you like our read?How you upload web photos on Facebook?Share with us in the below comments.Don’t forget to subscribe us to get our latest tips,updates and Facebook resources directly in your inbox.

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