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Do you wish to easily get photos from your friends that were not captured on your mobile phone and wish to share similar photos with your friends on Facebook? You will feel happy about the launch of Facebook Moments App on Wednesday in India. There are many other great features to explore on this newly launched app. This app was introduced far earlier in other countries, but in India it was launched yesterday.

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This standalone app will enable you to share photos privately and finally, this is an easy method to get all the pictures of yourself that are present in your friend’s phone. Not just a single friend, you can get your photos that are trapped in the mobile phones of many of your friends. After a day of togetherness with your friends, you might be interested in having a look back on some of the photos. The good news is that with Facebook moments, you can quickly get those photos on the mobile phones of your friends. Not just photos on their mobile, you can also share the photos present in your mobile phone as well.

Sync photos in a single tap:

Here is the magical moments app that will group your pictures on the basis of who is on them. Yes, such an intelligent app, will also consider the time of capturing. Just with a single tap, you will be in a position to sync your pictures to the friends, whom you choose.

Once the sync is done, your friends can add their photos to the application and once this is done, to your surprise, each one of you will have photos you took together.

Keep all your pictures organized in a single place:

You might have the habit of sorting different pictures taken on different occasions in your life in separate albums. The similar thing can be done with Facebook moments app. Yes, you can organize the photos under different events like given in the following image:


Face-recognition technology:

As mentioned earlier, your moments app is intelligent and this facility is attributed to the face-recognition technology. This technology gives power to the suggested tags that you see. When you add a photo of a friend, the moments app will scan your mobile camera roll for the familiar faces and will allow you to swiftly sync them to the subject of the picture. When you friend makes use Facebook Moments App, he/she will see the pictures that are added to his/her synced collection. If your friend does not do so, he/she will get a notification on messenger Facebook app stating that pictures are waiting in Facebook moments.  Then, the app will take care of the task of collection of photo albums that feature yourself and your tagged friends, whom you can search and can even rename.

Get it here

Regardless of whether you are an iOS user or the proud owner of Android phone, you can get Facebook Moments App from Apple Store and Google Play and here are the links to get the app:

> Google App Store: Facebook Moments For Android

> iTunes Apple: Facebook Moments For iOS

What are the key features of Facebook Moments App?

  • You can keep all your photos organized in a sole private place
  • You can synchronize many of your photos in a single instance without any requirement of emailing or texting individual pictures
  • With the help of easy search feature, you can find your photos and also the photos of your friends easily.
  • On your mobile phone’s camera roll, you can save photos that your friends sync to you
  • You can share directly, not just on Facebook, but also on Instagram or you can also send the same on Facebook app messenger, if you need to do so.
  • The app will create music videos from your photos automatically

What is new in Facebook moments app when compared to the similar apps available earlier?

This new introduced yesterday for India has many great and wonderful improvements like:

  • Performance improvement and bug fixes
  • You will be surprised to know that you can use moments app in your own language. Yes, the app is now available in 30 different languages
  • You can just create a new moment by tapping the plus button that can be found on the top right corner of the application.

Get Facebook Moments App now and make the photo organizing easier on Facebook. Just share your thoughts on the app with us.

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