How to access your ‘Other’ inbox on Facebook for Android

Last Updated : 10 October 2014

The social giant Facebook has two inbox. There’s the main inbox and one more hidden inbox is there called ‘Other’ inbox. The site ‘Other’ inbox is where you’ll find all your messages and mails from the users that are not your ‘Friend’ on Facebook until and unless the user didn’t pays $1 to send it to your main folder. OR we can say that the Facebook’s other folder is the place where you’ll find the messages and email that have been filtered out of your inbox according to your Messaging filter setting i.e the Basic or Strict filtering, you can get more information about it here.

We’ll also share, What are Archived messages? What is the difference between archiving and deleting a conversation and how can you access ‘Archived’ messages on desktop as well as android. First, lets take a glimpse of Facebook ‘other’ inbox followed by archived messages.

To prevent users from spam messages, Facebook enabled the Paid Messaging feature under which a non-friend user have to pay $1 to send message to an user’s main inbox. The message can still be sent without paying anything but that message will be dropped in the user’s ‘Other’ folder that either mostly people don’t know or don’t check regularly, So, the chances of reading your message is less in this case.

It’s very important to keep an eye on ‘Other’ inbox too as it may contain a message from your missed connection or somebody stranger who wants to connect with you or can be anything. So, you may be surprised to see the messages there in ‘other’ inbox.

Access Facebook ‘Other’ inbox/folder on Desktop

You can easily navigate to Facebook ‘Other’ Inbox from the desktop site by going to Messages and then click ‘Other’ from the top left of your main messages. And if you’re using Facebook for Android app, then you can also access the Facebook ‘Other’ Inbox. Let us share how you can access ‘other’ inbox from Facebook Android app.

Here’s how you can access Facebook ‘Other’ inbox on desktop ~


Access Facebook ‘Other’ Inbox/ folder on Facebook android App.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account from the Facebook’s app for Android.

Step 2: Tap the gear icon in front of messages in the app navigation menu located at the left side of App. And select ‘Other Messages’ from the pop-up.

Facebook ‘Other’ inbox in Android App ~ FacebookFever.Com


How to archive a conversation? What is the difference between Archiving and deleting a Conversation?

If you wants to hide any conversation from your Facebook messages, you can archive it by clicking on the ‘x’ button in front of every conversation. The conversation will be hidden until you next time chat with the person, While deleting a conversation permanently removes the messages history from inbox.

How to find Archived Messages?

The best way to find the archived message, is to search using a keyword either you search using the user name or a keyword you remembered used in that conversation ; it’s better to search by the name, you’ll find the conversation instantly. And another way is to find all the archived messages folder. Here’s how you can find the archived messages.

Step 1 : Click Facebook archived messages Messages from the left side of homepage.

Step 2: Click ‘More’, the next drop down menu after the ‘other’ folder.

Step 3: Select ‘Archived’ to check out your all archived conversations.

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