[How To] Install Facebook Home On Your Unsupported Android Device

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Facebook Home is available on Google Play Store for selected Android devices.But the good news is that now it can run on all unsupported Android device running on Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich (i.e. Android Version 4.0 or higher) whether you’re having the unsupported android device For Facebook Home or in the unsupported country/region,you can install it on your device.

If you’ve no idea about Facebook Home,here is a video for you to have a glimpse of Facebook Home.

How To Install Facebook Home On Supported Android Devices?

Facebook Home supports these Android devices –  HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung GALAXY S III, Samsung GALAXY Note II, and Samsung GALAXY S IV, if you’re having any one of droid device,can install Facebook home by going to Play Store and searching “Facebook Home” or just click this link.

How To Install Facebook Home On Unsupported Android Devices?

You can install Facebook Home’s APK file on any Android device running on Android platform 4.0 or higher.

Step : 1 You’ve to remove your existing  Facebook,Messenger app first and then reinstall Facebook app back after installing Facebook Home’s APK as the patched versions are re-signed.

Step : 2 Make sure,you’ve enabled settings to allow installation from unknown sources,so that you can install the APK file.

Step : 3 Download the Facebook’s Home APK file from <Here>

Step : 4  Install Facebook Home On your Droid Device.

Step : 5 Launch the Facebook Home App,it will ask to install Facebook App just confirm and it will redirect you to Facebook’s app Google Play Store Page,install it.And now enable Facebook Home from its settings.

That’s it.You’re done! Don’t forget to share your Facebook Home experience with us.


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