How To Block And Unblock Someone On Facebook [Guide]

Does any user annoying you on facebook by sending friends requests,or you wants stop permanent anybody from seeing your shared stuffs and you wanna completely hidden from an individual,then Facebook “Block” feature is very helpful at that moment.

By hitting “Block” on any user’s profile,not only your facebook profile goes hidden from  a particular user but also even (s)he can’t get you in the search results.It makes your account like “No Exist” to a particular individual user.Isn’t it awesome?Yeah,its a great facebook feature that lets you get rid of any annoying user permanently.So,let me tell you the steps to Block Any user On Facebook.

How To Block/Unblock Someone On Facebook

Steps To Block Any User Facebook.

Step 1: Just go to User’s Facebook Profile,you wants to block.

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Step 2:  Hit the gear icon at the bottom line of user’s cover pic.
Step 3: In the dropdown menu,select Report/Block.Now,you will be shown a pop,hit block and then confirm (As shown in the below shot).

Step 4 :After hit confirm,you will see,something like this.

If you see any user violating the Facebook TOS(Terms Of Service) by doing things like griefing, harassment, nudity, spamming, etc.,it’s wisely to report S(he) to get a review of his individual account.

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In the mean time,if you block any of your friend for temporary,you also have the option of unblocking him/her anytime.Yeah,you can unblock him by following my simple steps below.

How To Unblock Any blocked User On Facebook?

Step 1: Go to your Privacy Settings at the dropdown menu near Home in your Facebook profile.
Step 2 : Head to “Blocked People and Apps” at the bottom and hit “Manage Blocking”.
Step 3 : Click Unblock in front of the Blocked individual name to unblock.

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