How To Create Event Through Facebook Fan Page? heard it right,now you can create event through your Facebook fan page too.Earlier an event can only be created through user’s profile. Now,it’s much easy to create event through your Brands/Business/Company Fan page and get awesome audience benefit.


Create Event through Facebook Page

Step 1: Just go to your Facebook Fan page from where you wants to create event. And navigate to your update box where you updates status, photos etc. And click on the Offer,Event+ button.

How To Create Event Through Facebook Page – FacebookFever

Step 2: On the next screen it will ask for the event details like Name of event, description, time, location, tickets URL (If you’re providing,Optional) and privacy..just fill according to your preferences.

Note: Checking Only Admins Post on the event wall, stop other users from posting on the event wall except the admins of the event.

That’s all. Your event is created through your Facebook Page.Now the next step is to invite your friends to the event.

Invite Friends To Your Facebook Page Event

First go to your Page Event.And for inviting your friends to your page event, first you have to join the event.So,hit Join event and a ‘Invite Friends’ button (Top right) will appear as soon as you join the event created through your page.Now select or search the friends you wants to invite to your event and hit Save when you’re done!

Tip: You can even invite users from your any group you joined, from the default smart list like the users from your College etc., can invite users from the past events created by another users, and even you can invite the friends from your location.So use this Facebook feature to filter and invite your targeted audience.

**Bonus Tip: Rather than selecting one by one users for inviting to your Facebook Page Event, you can use my javascript to bulk inviting all users with a single click. Read How To Invite All Facebook Friends To a Page, Event With a single click to get the javascript and to know how to do it. For example – if you wants to invite all users from a group, so rather than selecting one by one, you can use my javascript to select the all users of that group just with a single click.

If you wants to invite more targeted users to your event or to get more benefit from your event, you can promote your Facebook Page Event by creating an ad on Facebook.For more information about promoting page event on Facebook visit this help center article.


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