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Update : How To Invite All Facebook Friends To Page, Event With A Single Click

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Update : 16 October 2014 (Working Method)  Since Facebook updated their pop-up invitation box with buttons to select all Facebook Friends, the previous java-scripts are no more working.Preciously there were check-boxes if you remembers now link of profiles. Don’t worry i have another method/java-script to invite all Facebook friends. I have tested the method in …

How To: Tag Friends On Facebook With Mobile And from PC [Full Guide]

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Most of you guys know,How to Tag Friends On Facebook in status,comments etc. from PC but you know how to tag friends from mobile.Don’t know?So,don’t worry am going to share How to tag friends from facebook as well as from mobile.First What does Tagging a user mean?Tagging a user means to mention him/her on facebook …

Facebook New Chat Smileys That You Don’t Know

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Updated – 25/09/2014 Facebook Smileys or emotions are great way to share your emotions or feelings without typing during your chat with your friends. Because we just can’t tell them how exactly we’re feeling right now and here comes the importance of smileys. And actually, it gave a strong feeling type smell to a message, …

List Of All Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys

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Article Updated: 10 November 2014 We all spends a lot of time in browsing Facebook daily right from sleeping on bed in the morning to going to bed at night. What if we can *save* some time while wasting time on Facebook, using some Keyboard shortcuts keys? 😉 Yes, that will be great, shortcut keys …

Amazing Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

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Few days back Facebook launched timeline for Facebook profile globally.You can read more about Facebook Timeline.If you wants to remove Facebook Timeline then don’t forget to read this simple trick.Today am going to show you some amazing creative Facebook Timeline covers, that some folks designed for their Facebook Timeline profile.So,here are the creative Facebook Timeline …